Who We Are


You’re a busy mom who wants the very best when it comes to her family, right down to your selection of snack foods. You know you can’t cook everything they eat yourself, but you can ensure that it comes from a quality source.


We’re all about family too. “The Cake Aisle” founder and premier bespoke baker, Eugenia Ogundare honed her excellent culinary and confectionery skills as a little girl growing up in Warri, Midwestern Nigeria, creating desserts for all manner of events, from weddings to birthday celebrations, and reunions.

CHIN CHIN is not loaded with preservatives and artificial elements like some of the other snack foods on the market today. A specially crafted, traditional recipe passed down from mother to daughter, our gourmet CHIN CHIN is created with “good old-fashioned”, wholesome ingredients, a delectable blend of milk, eggs, flour, butter and a dash of sugar, just like Grandma used to make.

Quite adept at concocting this magical snack sensation in its original form, Eugenia was inspired by her daughter, Eleora, to put a contemporary spin on a classic treat by making it in everyone’s favourite flavours as well. The popularity of this unique concept eventually led Eugenia to establish her baking business, “The Cake Aisle.”

When I hear the name “Chin Chin”, it just takes me right back to Nigeria and our festive family times together, surrounded by my three sisters… everyone smiling, talking and enjoying these tasty little treats while my mom laughingly scolded us about not eating all of them, all by ourselves! I couldn’t wait to have the same tradition with my kids, once I started my own family.”

  • Eugenia Ogundare, Founder – The Cake Aisle


As a conscientious caregiver, healthy, nutritious treats are your first choice for lunches and after school, but when the family’s flying out the door in different directions, you need something quick and convenient too, so they can grab “good for you” on the go.

As a successful career woman, you set high standards for yourself in business, and in life. When the time comes for a well-deserved break, reward yourself with something decadently delicious, that still fits into your sensible eating plan.



Tantalizing little tidbits of natural, crunchy goodness, our innovative CHIN CHIN cookie nuggets can accompany a coffee for a fleeting bit of “sweet”, or turn a simple sandwich and cut up veggies into a luxurious lunch.

Their petite size makes them the perfect mouthful when you deserve that innocent indulgence, but the resealable, “ever-fresh”, pass around package is a welcome addition to any gathering of family or friends, no matter what flavour you choose, luscious lemon, stellar strawberry or “can’t put them down” caramel. Perfect for road trips!

You might as well make everyone happy and bring them all!


Entertaining brings you joy! You pride yourself on introducing your friends to exotic tastes from different cultures through inventive recipes that expand their culinary horizons.


So many imaginative CHIN CHIN fans like you have found even more ways to enjoy their edible “addiction”.

We encourage you to share your own recipes and innovative ideas on how to make the most of all our fabulous flavors! We are also looking at expanding to other West African countries and so feel free to reach out to us with your flavor preferences and ideas from there.

This inventive taste twist, along with our commitment to using only the highest quality products, make The Cake Aisle’s CHIN CHIN different from any other.

Whether adorning your designer dessert as a delectable caramel topping, enhancing your side salad with a fruity strawberry crunch, or adding a lift of lemon breading to your fillet of sole, CHIN CHIN is so appetizingly versatile that some families even enjoy it as a breakfast cereal!

My Gourmet Chin Chin is more to me than just a delicious West African style snack. It’s a part of my heritage, a symbol of my nationality that I share with a new country. Every time I introduce a new person to my product, it’s a celebration of my cultural heritage. Chin Chin is a part of ME!”

– Eugenia Ogundare, Chief Confectioner- The Cake Aisle